Thank you for your interest in AASSP scholarship opportunities.  Currently, scholarships are not available.

The Alaska Principal Foundation oversees the following scholarship programs:

  • The Larry Graham Aspiring Scholarship Program

The Alaska Principals Foundation (APF) is a charitable and educational based non-profit organization. Founded in 2003, APF facilitates the Larry Graham Aspiring Principal Scholarship. The purpose of APF is to:

  • Support improvement of the educational program for the students in the schools of the state of Alaska;
  • Enhance communication, promote continuity and purpose, and improve professional competencies among Alaska Administrators;
  • Encourage and promote research by K-12 schools, colleges, universities, individual students and agencies designed to enhance educational knowledge in the state of Alaska;
  • Provide educational benefits to individuals through scholarships and grants-in-aid.

The APF Board is comprised of representatives from different Alaskan regions and educational based businesses and organizations.