LifeTrack Services, Inc.

LifeTrack Services, Inc.What is LifeTrack Services, Inc.?

LifeTrack serves as the nation’s leader and premier source of graduate follow-up and survey programs.

LifeTrack Services has been a long-time AASSP partner, providing senior exit surveys, middle school surveys, graduate follow-up surveys and athletic satisfaction surveys. Each program offered by LifeTrack provides firsthand feedback to your school. The survey questions are customized to focus on your school’s need to stay in contact with past graduates and emerging needs.

The US Dept of Education’s blueprint for reform contains provisions requiring schools to survey students, parents and teachers. Changing times in education require innovative thinking and the use of data to decide where to focus energy. Your school can get a jump on federal requirements, position your school for grants, and utilize firsthand feedback from LifeTrack Surveys to improve the overall education you provide for your students.

LifeTrack Services, Inc. can provide your school with powerful, dynamic, and economical programs that will NEVER leave you out of contact with your students!