• Build a broad sustainable coalition of the process industries and educational institutions.
  • Industry: Oil, gas, mining, complex food processing, power generation, forest products, water treatment, waste water treatment and other emerging/evolving industries.
  • Education: K-12 systems, private and public post-secondary systems, apprenticeship programs and the UA system.
  • Create an effective communications network to build understanding and promote engagement among the process industries, education, trade organizations, government agencies, and Alaska Native organizations using targeted messages and a variety of media.
  • Continuously assess the current and future workforce needs of the process industries.
  • Assure appropriate standards based training and education opportunities exist to meet the process industries’ employment needs.
  • Increase awareness of process industries careers and provide guidance along industries career paths, in both rural and urban Alaska.
  • Provide for the organizational development of APICC (capacity, sustainability, continuous improvement and member development).

For more information about the APICC, click here: www.apicc.org