AASSP has an Affiliate Agreement with NASSP requiring membership in both AAASP and NASSP. In addition, individual members of AASSP also become members of the Alaska Council of School Administrators (ACSA).

NASSP Individual Member benefits include:

  • Membership in Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals, National Association of Secondary School Principals and Alaska Council of School Administrators.

AASSP Membership Includes:

  • NASSP Membership
  • ACSA Membership
  • Reduced rates for the Alaska Fall Principal Conference
  • Reduced rates on other professional development offerings by AASSP
  • Broadcast E-Alerts from AASSP
  • Participation in periodic surveys of members about professional development needs and educational issues in Alaska
  • AASSP Legal assistance reimbursement linked to years of membership
    Membership and other Professional support provided by the AASSP Executive Director

Membership in ACSA Includes:

  • Quarterly ACSA Education Bulletins
  • Access to Pre-Recorded ASDN Webinars at no cost
  • Weekly Legislative Updates during the Legislative Session in Juneau
  • Conference support from ACSA
  • Legislative lobbying by ACSA Executive Director
  • Representation on the ACSA Board of Directors

Membership in NASSP Includes:

  • A comprehensive Professional Support Package is provided by NASSP that includes:
    • up to $10,000 for legal assistance reimbursement
    • $2,000,000 in professional liability coverage
    • Accidental death, and other optional insurance plans.
  • Reduced rates for the NASSP convention
  • Online assessment and professional development tools
  • Access to the Principal’s Legislative Action Center (PLAC)
  • Access to Online job bank
  • Access to NASSP travel services
  • ACCESS: an online discount program which includes 180,000 merchant locations across the nation
  • Electronic access to all NASSP publications
  • Reduced rates on other NASSP publications and materials
  • Receive the following NASSP Publications:
    • Principal’s Research Review (a bimonthly newsletter, 6 issues)
    • NASSP NewsLeader (a monthly newspaper, 9 issues)
    • Principal’s Update (a weekly e-mail newsletter, 46 issues)
    • The Middle Level Leader (an e-mail newsletter)